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S.86 now an Election Omnibus bill

S.86 is alive and kicking, but it looks nothing like it did when introduced: S.86 Draft 2.1 (3/22/2013) In addition to my amendments, the Secretary of State’s office, the Vermont Democratic Party, the Vermont Municipal Clerks’ and Treasurers’ Association, and some others had some say in this draft, which the Senate Government Operations Committee chair … Continue reading

Election Auditing Amendments to H.22 and S.86

After reading over H.22 and S.86, which could take the decision about whether or not to use electronic vote tabulators away from individual citizens without implementing safeguards to ensure their correct operation, I put the two of them together, grabbed a copy of Title 17 (Elections) of the Vermont Statutes Annotated, and after a bunch … Continue reading

New Bill Proposals from the Vermont Legislature (through 11 Jan 2013)

Here is a sample of some of last week’s bills proposed in the Vermont Legislature: H.17: “An act relating to raising the penalties for texting while driving” Sponsors: Malcolm, John W.; McCarthy, Mike; Potter, Dave; Russell, Herb Summary: Increases fines from $100 to $250 and points from 2 to 3 for a first offense and … Continue reading

Partial Count of Vermont Presidential Write-Ins

On Friday, Coulter [last name?], Jim Hogue, George Plumb and I spent some time in the Vermont Secretary of State’s office counting write-in votes for presidential candidates at the request of Richard Winger, the editor of Ballot Access News. To make it practical (there were hundreds of different names written in), Richard suggested that we … Continue reading

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