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Response to Project Vote Smart’s “Political Courage Test”

Below are my answers to Project Vote Smart’s Political Courage Test, which should show up soon on my profile page there. Again, the opinions below reflect my own opinion, and may not reflect the opinions of the voters of Washington County, whose opinions I have promised to accurately represent, even when my own opinion conflicts. … Continue reading

Jeremy‚Äôs Working Vermont Candidate Questionnaire Responses

In the spirit of continuing transparency, I am attaching my answers to the Working Vermont Candidate Questionnaire sent to me by Michael Sirotkin of Sirotkin & Necrason, PLC, a law firm in Montpelier. Working Vermont is a “coalition of labor unions in Vermont” and according to the email I received, includes Vermont State Labor Council, … Continue reading

Jeremy’s Vermont-NEA Candidate Questionnaire Responses

I just finished filling out the responses to a questionnaire sent to me by the Vermont NEA about my positions on state education and union-related issues. I’ve maintained that my own views should be secondary to the views of the citizens of Washington County, and my role should be one of an advisor, doing the … Continue reading

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