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Jeremy’s Responses to the 2014 VSEA Political Endorsement Questionnaire

Below are my responses to the VSEA Political Endorsement Questionnaire. State Budget Members of the VSEA believe too many Vermonters have to struggle to meet their basic needs. We have suffered from several years of cuts to public services and to the state workforce that is comprised of the experts who deliver essential services to … Continue reading

Jeremy’s Responses to the 2014 National Pro-Life Alliance Candidate Survey

Here are the questions from and my responses to the National Pro-Life Alliance’s Candidate Questionnaire. While the questionnaire didn’t ask for explanations, I have provided them anyway. 1. Do you support legislation that gives parents the right to stop any abortion from being performed on their minor daughter, except to save the life of the … Continue reading

Jeremy’s Vermont-NEA 2014 Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Here are the questions from and my responses to the Vermont NEA’s Candidate Questionnaire. All of these questions allowed me to select “Agree”, “Disagree”, or “Don’t Know”. I selected “Agree” for all of them, and included the long-form answers you see below in the provided “Comments” sections. Too many working Vermonters – especially women and … Continue reading

Jeremy’s Response to Campaign for Liberty’s Candidate Survey

I received Campaign for Liberty’s Candidate Survey in an email from Deborah Wells, Senior Director of State Operations. I have included my responses below. Twenty-three states have resisted the Federal Government’s persistent demand for a uniform ID card for every American. This proposed national ID would be required for activities like air travel and entrance … Continue reading

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