Hansen Seeks Open Northfield/Berlin Seat

Jeremy Hansen, an associate professor of computer science at Norwich University, the founder and chair of Central Vermont Internet, and the vice chair of the Berlin Selectboard announced today that he hopes to fill an open seat to represent Northfield and Berlin in the Vermont House. He will kick off his campaign with an informal “meet and greet”, potluck, and farmers showcase between 4PM and 7PM on Saturday, August 4th at the Capital City Grange (6612 Route 12 in Berlin).

“My three central campaign themes are infrastructure, education, and universal healthcare,” Hansen said about his race.

He first highlighted a need to improve our public infrastructure, and has spent the last year working with people in Northfield, Berlin, and more than a dozen other towns setting up the publicly-owned Central Vermont Internet, which he expects will offer gigabit speeds to residents in member towns. Hansen says, “In order to move into the 21st century, we should be investing heavily in Internet infrastructure and with Central Vermont Internet, we’re doing that without anyone’s tax dollars.”

State Senator Anthony Pollina echoed Hansen’s remarks and offered his endorsement, saying, “Jeremy would be a valuable colleague in the House and would help the Legislature come up with solutions to problems like connecting all Vermonters with 21st century Internet access and reducing income inequality. I encourage everyone concerned about these issues to support Jeremy’s candidacy.”

Hansen went on to describe a major issue that concerns him and his constituents. “While my students graduate with degrees in computer science and computer security, most do not stay in Vermont. Parents like me basically expect our kids to move away after high school or college. Without an existing base of professionals with skills in technology and the trades, it’s difficult to attract companies to Vermont.” He identified a three-part approach to solving this problem.

  1. Ensure that all Vermont’s children have access to trades and technology education from PreK through high school.
  2. Let state employees run IT projects rather than hiring expensive out-of-state consultants.
  3. Better fund our state colleges, to build professional and vocational skills of workers who will remain in-state.

A number of other prominent Vermonters have expressed their support for his run, including Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman, who said, “Jeremy and I see eye-to-eye about the need for universal fast Internet access in Vermont, enacting universal healthcare, making college affordable, and ensuring that Vermont’s taxes are fair and progressive. I look forward to working with a problem-solver like him in the State House next year.”

Fellow Berlin Selectboard member Pete Kelley added, “Jeremy pays close attention to detail, is highly motivated, well organized, and incredibly resourceful, but his greatest attribute is his involvement with the people and the desire to represent them. Whatever the issue, he has focused on finding solutions and providing thoughtful, informed guidance to Berlin, and he will do the same for us as a State Representative.”

Like Zuckerman and Pollina, Hansen has pledged not to accept any campaign contributions from corporations or from corporate PACs. He encourages all other candidates to make the same pledge.

For more information, contact Jeremy at 802-279-6054 or jeremy@vermontelection.org


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