Jeremy’s Responses to the 2014 National Pro-Life Alliance Candidate Survey

Here are the questions from and my responses to the National Pro-Life Alliance’s Candidate Questionnaire. While the questionnaire didn’t ask for explanations, I have provided them anyway.

1. Do you support legislation that gives parents the right to stop any abortion from being performed on their minor daughter, except to save the life of the mother?

No, though I support a parental notification requirement with conditions. Similar to laws currently in place in Delaware, I would support notification in cases where the mother is under 16, where notice may also be given to a relative over the age of 25 (such as a grandparent, aunt, or uncle), and a doctor can bypass the notification requirement in limited circumstances.

2. Will you support legislation requiring a “cooling off’ period, and mandatory counseling on the medical risks and other consequences of abortion for women who believe they may want to have an abortion?

No, though insofar as abortion is a medical procedure and has possible side effects, I support providing information about medical risks to the woman. Not to compare abortion to other procedures, but it is fairly common practice for medical professionals to provide similar information before a surgery – my most recent experience being a wisdom tooth extraction. As long as the information provided is factual and consistent with current scientific understanding, I support all efforts to provide additional information for any medical procedure.

3. Will you support requiring that abortion providers show the mother an ultrasound image of her child before the abortion takes place?


4. Would you support and cosponsor a Life at Conception Act, legislatively establishing that human life begins at the moment of conception?


5. Will you support legislation to ban so-called “sex selection” abortions?

No, I do not believe this is a legitimate issue in Vermont or elsewhere in the United States.

6. Will you oppose legislation granting any public funds to groups that recommend or perform abortions in the state of Vermont?

No, given that Vermont is working to build Green Mountain Care in large part through public funding and abortions are medical procedures, I don’t see how such legislation would be useful.

7. Do you support the State of Vermont opting out of the requirement under “ObamaCare” of having to provide insurance coverage for abortion?

No, I believe the ACA’s coverage of birth control and abortions is appropriate.

8. Will you support barring the distribution of “home abortion kits” like RU-486?


9. Do you support the prohibition on the practice of “partial-birth abortion” in which a baby is partially delivered and then aborted?

Yes. I support disallowing very late-term abortions that are not necessary to prevent major injury to the mother.

10. If elected to the Vermont General Assembly, will you support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning abortions except to save the life of the mother?



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