Washington County Voters Guide for the 2012 Election

Dear Washington County Residents,

It’s always a confusing time of year when the various candidates for public office flood the airwaves, newspapers, and Internet with their messages asking you to vote for them. Sometimes, you get campaign promises and only one side of the story from them. You almost certainly will not get information about the candidates’ opponents in the election. I’m taking a chance here in breaking that pattern and listing myself, along with all other candidates in Washington County, so that you and your family can make the best-informed choice possible. I realize that this may mean you will not vote for me, and I accept that. One of the drawbacks to transparency and accountability is that sometimes people see outside of the carefully-crafted picture that all candidates build around themselves. That is not a bad thing and not too high a price for me to pay to ensure that I am transparent, accountable, and most of all a strong advisor and advocate for you, the citizens of Washington County.

Thank you for your participation in the November election!


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Primary DayAugust 14th, 2018
Vote at either the Berlin Town Office or the Northfield Municipal Building.

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