Jeremy’s Plan

This draft was last updated June 4, 2012. Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

What we will do:

  • Together, we will improve the dialogue between us, the residents of Washington County about issues we care about. This dialogue will be based on evidence, not on scare tactics, and include all major viewpoints, not simply those of the dominant political party or parties.
  • We will ensure that as many people as possible are heard and everyone’s voice is considered equally in decisions.
  • We will draft, discuss, promote, introduce, and pass legislation that is good for the residents of Washington County and Vermont.

My part:

  • I will provide analysis of bills introduced in the Vermont Senate, suggesting pros and cons, and will provide my interpretation and recommendation.
  • I will introduce legislation and amendments suggested by my constituents.
  • I will actively seek out feedback from Washington County residents in person by setting up “town hall”-style meetings.
  • I will build and support various information systems including a web site that allows residents to discuss, comment, vote, and have their voices heard.
  • I will abide by my Promise to Washington County Citizens to accurately represent them.

Your part:

  • You will participate by providing your input to bills before they’re introduced.
  • You will suggest amendments to bills already in consideration.
  • You will communicate to me how you would vote on bills in the Legislature, if the decision were entirely yours.
  • You will respect your neighbors by refraining from personal attacks and disruptive behavior during discussions online and in person.

Contribute $10, $20, or $50!

Contact Jeremy Here:

Primary DayAugust 14th, 2018
Vote at either the Berlin Town Office or the Northfield Municipal Building.

Paid for by Hansen for State Representative

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